Document management Tip – One place for all

Place all documents in the My Documents folder and nowhere else. So whether it’s a spreadsheet, a letter or a PowerPoint presentation, it goes here. This will make it easier to find things and to run backups.

Unless you are working with a brand new computer, you probably already have thousands of files that may or may not be organized in some way on your computer. Sure, you can certainly take a few hours (days??) and do a massive reorganization so you can start with a clean slate, but most of us don’t have the time or the patience to tackle that.

 Instead, look at how your files are setup and devise a plan that uses this setup as the foundation for your new system. In most cases, you probably have a file structure that works in some capacity, one that you’re already familiar with, so it makes the most sense to start there.

In extreme cases of file clutter, my suggestion is to create a “dump” folder, throw everything in there and start fresh. It goes against everything in my type-A personality to do this, but I have found that sometimes you have to start from square one, create a new system, and then migrate your files into the system as you work with them over time. In the meantime, take advantage of search functionality to find what you need (see the second part of this series for more on this).

Do not gamble with your business, back it up today and keep it safe. For more information on how DocQtek can setup a document management system for your firm, please contact us at 800-790-5340. You never know when disaster will strike!

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