Want to stop data breaches?

What is a Data Breach?

A data breach is an incident in which sensitive, protected or confidential data has potentially been viewed, stolen or used by an individual unauthorized to do so. Data breaches may involve personal health information (PHI), personally identifiable information, trade secrets or intellectual property.

Identity theft, data breaches, and information security failures have become part of the new vocabulary of modern business. When a company fails to preserve confidential customer information, or allows its competitive secrets to become compromised, that company’s reputation and profitability are greatly damaged.  While computer hackers, massive scale data theft, and other “high-tech” types of data breaches tend to get big publicity, one of the leading culprits in data breaches is much older and simpler: paper.

Why is paper so vulnerable to data breaches?

Paper documents can more easily lead to problems than electronic information. One of the biggest reasons is that computer systems are usually monitored for suspicious activity and have sophisticated controls to keep unauthorized people off of the network.

Paper is often stored using old methods that do not have a high level of security – with electronic information, there are “alarm bells” that go off when someone authorizes a sensitive part of the network; with paper documents, it’s all too easy for vital information to just silently disappear out of the building.

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