What if your business documents were damaged?

In the United States, over 40% of all companies that experience a disaster never reopen, and over 25% of remaining companies close within two years, per the Department of Labor Statistics.

It’s a late night at the office, and your meeting with a client just finished. All you want to do is go home, heat up some leftovers and call it a night. So you do: you leave the client documents out on the meeting table in your office. You guess there’s really no need to put them in your file cabinet—it’s just one night. All you worry about is how fast you can make it into your car in this freezing weather. You are so happy it’s the weekend.

The next morning you get a call from your business partner: your office is flooded and the document for today million dollars meeting is destroyed. The pipes froze sometime during the night and burst. Everything else is soaked. Your client’s paperwork is still on the meeting table; all the documents are wet.  

 Losing important documents and media from fires, floods and other natural disasters can hinder your business’s productivity. Whether you’re a hospital, university, financial institution or government facility.

The unfortunate rise in business disruptions from natural disasters, accidents, and human intervention increasingly proves how business continuity and disaster readiness planning is necessary to any responsible business operation. Whether it’s something as ordinary as a fire, power outage, or computer virus, or a dramatic anomaly like a major hurricane or terrorist attack, more and more businesses-large and small-are facing the reality that the unexpected can happen at any time.

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