How much does that paper file cost you?

Document Scanning ServicesEvery piece of paper comes at a cost. The price to print, the cost of the paper, the space all those papers take up, the cost of leasing/purchasing an endlessly growing number of copiers, printers, and fax machines, all of which require servicing and space. DocQtek  can help your company reduce its monthly print related expenditures.

Document imaging is one of the most effective records management tools available, and we can help you get the full benefit of this technology.

Converting paper records to digital images lets your organization realize major efficiencies by helping to automate the process of indexing, retrieving, storing and maintaining your records.

Document Imaging BenefitsBoxes of Paper Files

  • Automatically create backups of your paper files
  • Secure sensitive documents from unauthorized access
  • Allow multiple users to access the same document
  • Reclaim valuable office space
  • Increase efficiency of your employees
  • Improve responsiveness to your customers
  • Eliminate the chaos of misplaced or lost files
  • Access documents instantly and easily from any PC

Avoid Document Imaging Pitfalls

Many organizations are hesitant about document imaging because of perceived technical difficulties and cost issues. Our trained staff of imaging professionals can help you avoid the pitfalls of imaging by ensuring that you are scanning and converting only the paper files you need. They will analyze your current environment, make recommendations for changes and improvements and provide the planning, tools, staffing and management to implement the recommendations.

Whether you need consulting services, outsourcing, project support or back scanning, DocQtek will use our tested project management process to ensure success.It is time for you to make the call. Call us

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